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We are now offering reduced fee counseling for low income people without insurance, or who have a Medicaid or Florida State Plan. This amazing offer is $30 per session or $100 per month for unlimited counseling. YES- you can come once a week, twice a week, or even daily if you and your counselor feel that there is a need. All for one low flat fee. How can we do this? To find out, call and set an appointment.

Chiropractic Treatment - Backaches, headaches, accident injuriries.
Eastern Medicine for Pain Relief, Depression and Anxiety - Jin Shin Jutsu is similar to Accupuncture in that it puts your body in balance, but NO NEEDLES.
Hypnosis - Get deep into your subconscious for healing of old problems that you thought would never go away.
Alcohol and Substance Abuse Treatment - See your counselor as often as needed for one LOW cost. If you thought you couldn't afford treatment, now you can't afford NOT to get help.

Self-Defeating Beliefs  These are irrational beliefs that lead to problems 
such as depression, anxiety, trauma, and substance abuse.  Most stress and 
unhappiness is rooted in self-defeating beliefs. As part of therapy, it is 
essential that you identify and work on changing these harmful beliefs. 
This questionnaire will help you better understand which of these are 
a problem for you. Changing self-defeating/irrational beliefs is the 
basis for cognitive/behavioral therapy - one of the most effective 
forms of therapy known, and used at Cheer Counseling.



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