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ROADBLOCKS (Addiction ideas by Dr. Samuel Yochelson and Dr. Stanton E. Samenow) Being Deliberately Vague This is one way that people lie without saying anything false. It’s common in teenagers. When their parents ask them where they went, they answer “out” and what did you do? “Nothing.” Being deliberately vague is a way of failing

Different people have varying needs for excitement. People who become addicted to drugs & alcohol, and people who become involved in illegal activities, tend to have a high need for excitement. Brain studies have shown that addicts tend to have a lower level of neurotransmitters, or brain chemicals that give a satisfied feeling. Taking risks

People with addictive behaviors often have trouble with openness and honesty. Even when they do tell the truth, they may omit important facts. John used to go to the store for “milk,” but on the way he’d buy a couple cases of beer to hide in the car trunk. Addiction necessitates not only lying to

HALT: Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired SUDS: Seemingly Unimportant Decisions Watch for these ideas in the story below and examine how they were related to Robert’s relapse. Then discuss how they are also dangerous for your recovery. Rocky Robert has a terrible day at work. He was angry because his boss gave him a last minute

MY DRUG OR HABIT OF CHOICE (money and thrills/danger also count as a drug) __________________________________________________________ How old was I when I started using?_____________________________ How often did I use?_________________________________________ How much I did I use? _______________________________________ Other drugs I’ve used (even once) how old, how often, how much? Describe the situation that brought you to where

Addictions can be measured like shit. People have varying level of shit in their lives. Some have mouse shit, while others have dog shit, and some have elephant shit. People with mouse shit may include young adults who party too hard. Most will mature out of their excesses and become responsible drinkers, with or without

How Do You Know If You Have a Problem? Risk Factors: Family history of drug or alcohol abuse. High tolerance – you can drink/use more than most people and not get sick. Feeling good/happy from using – A night of using is a positive experience. Indications of a Problem You feel alone, scared, miserable, and

Mature adults understand that they can’t expect others to take care of them. You are responsible for the decisions you make. Nobody forced you into your addiction and nobody will stop you. You make the choice to get up every morning and get on with your day, doing the things that you know are necessary

Substance abuse, which includes alcohol, illegal substances, harmful chemicals, and abuse of prescription drugs, has the ability of blinding people to the problem. That little March Leprechaun and green beer of St. Patrick’s Day may seem cute, but substance abuse is no laughing matter. I’ve seen people who have lost jobs, friends, family, children, home,

As a child, I always remembered March with the expression “In like a lion, out like a lamb.” March is a month of changes. One day may be icy cold with a bitter wind, and the next day mild and sunny. The cold grip of winter is giving way to spring, but it doesn’t go