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Like pre-marital counseling, family therapy can also be useful as a preventative technique to teach members how to handle adversity before it begins. For example, newly blended families that have children from previous marriages may benefit from family therapy to help all family members learn how to live together respectfully. Because the family is such

When I see couples, I like to work on communication. Poor communication is one of the biggest problems in any marriage. Words to avoid because they are poisonous to a marriage include: YOU, SHOULD, ALWAYS, NEVER, WHY, NAME CALLING, SARCASM, TELLING THE OTHERPERSON WHAT THEY THINK (MIND READING), A sample conversation using these words: You

Rather than blaming the other and starting conversations with poisonous words such as you and should, focus on talking about YOURSELF. NO this isn’t selfish, this is the path to good communication. Stop telling your partner what he/she believes, and rather, share how you feel. Use words such as I feel, I think, I need,

Therapists have different philosophies. Some therapists see relationship work as generally being intended to preserve a relationship, unless there is very serious, prolonged abuse or infidelity. Other therapists believe that dissolving relationships is often best, and are more apt to allow the therapy process to unfold naturally without a predetermined goal of “saving” the relationship.

This quote comes from a drug advertisement. These drugs only cover-up symptoms. The DO NOT CURE depression. Therapy helps you look at yourself and learn what you do to foster depression. Most of all, it helps you learn what you need to do to relieve depression forever so you won’t need to take drugs: Suicidality