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Cheer Counseling announces our tenth birthday on November 1, 2016! For the past decade we have been helping people feel better. Stay informed for more information on our giant birthday bash! Cheer Counseling offers some of the most caring and highly skilled counselors in Brandon and surrounding cities. We offer help with relationship problems, depression,

The idea behind Cognitive-Behavioral therapy is simple. Your thoughts control your emotions and if you allow them, your emotions will control your thoughts. You decide within yourself if you feel good, happy, anxious or depressed. This was one of many similar theories developed over the years. The author of Cognitive-Behavioral therapy was Albert Ellis. Ellis

I have many people come in for therapy who ask about medicine for their “chemical imbalance.” I know that may doctors tell their patients this when they prescribe anti-depressant medications. But when you ask your doctor what chemicals are unbalanced, and what tests he did to measure this, he won’t be able to answer you.

Anxiety is a normal emotion. Humans evolved with it as a survival mechanism. When our great, great, muti-times great ancestors were living in caves, two men went out hunting. They saw a bush moving. One man was brave and decided to investigate what was rustling the bushes. The other man suffered from anxiety and ran

So many people come to counseling because they are distressed over what “may happen.” They are trying to plan a disastrous future that is unlikely to happen. When you spend a lot of time worrying about things that won’t happen, it interferes with your taking care of and preventing future problems. For example, when I