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There is a strong connection between self-defeating beliefs and one’s functioning and happiness in life. Take this questionnaire to uncover your self-defeating beliefs.

  As children enter adolescence, they begin separating from the nest – usually before parents are ready to let them do so.  You child who was once so close to you is suddenly defiant and angry. He still depends on you for care and support, but resents that he doesn’t have unlimited freedom to do

      Children of divorce have a lot of emotional baggage to handle. Not only do they experience the loss of their biological family, but they often need to adjust to new step-parents and siblings. They now have two homes and families that they have to split their time between. Their parents are too

  School is back in session.  This is a challenging time for young children. They are meeting old and new friends, learning about their new teacher or teachers, and expected to do increasingly difficult work. While some children fit right in and adjust to the new school year, others struggle. They may be bright but