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So many of our clients come in with depression, that it is among the top three problems that we see. Relationship issues and anxiety are the other two. Depression comes and goes for most people, and often is connected to life situations. If you are feeling depressed because you can’t pay your bills, and you

One of the problems that interferes with effective change and successful counseling is a willingness to look at your own problems, rather than blaming others. I do a great deal of couples counseling, and when both couples come in ready to look at themselves, and make changes, then the therapy is almost always successful, and

Last year I posted regular updates, all the way through to Halloween. Then I got hit with the procrastination bug. I was busy with holidays but promised to get start again tomorrow. One tomorrow led into another, and another, until it was not only a new year, but a new summer. I have a to-do