At this point, you may think, “I’m not antisocial. I’m the most sociable person I know. I love parties and love being with other people. I really know how to charm my sex partners, and have had many.” In some cases, people may think “I know I’ve had my share of arrests, but they were never my fault and I’m certainly not a criminal.” If this identifies you, I hope you will continue reading this section, as you may find much to relate with.
People involved in addictions are certainly doing much to hurt themselves. However, many of these people also habitually do things that are harmful to others, and go against the norms of society. Antisocial doesn’t mean that a person isn’t a sociable person, but rather that they do things against society.
This behavior didn’t just appear overnight, or as an adult. When we look into their childhood, we find behaviors that went against society beginning from a very early age. Not all children who exhibit these behaviors all or in part, become antisocial or criminal adults, but these are risk factors and are frequently found in the history of criminals. For those of you who dislike the word criminal, imagine that a police officer had a movie of your life. How many years of jail or prison would you have? The definition of criminal is: people who commit crimes, even if they don’t get caught. Many people with criminal thinking are never caught by the law, but they are still hurting themselves and others.

IMAGE THAT YOUR LIFE has been recorded as a TV show that you are watching back. Think about the PATTERN of your life. Think about what would happen if a police were watching it. How much time would you spend in jail for things for which you have never been caught?



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