April is the beginning of spring and the warming of the Earth. Holidays this month range from Earth Day to Passover and Easter. All of these have the same theme in common, the rebirth of the Earth after the winter freeze. Both Easter and Passover have symbols such as eggs, which represent new life. By now, you are well on your way to a healthy new life. We have examined goal setting, healthy relationships, managing your emotions, and developing a healthy, clean and sober life-style. This chapter will help you to develop awareness of your irrational thoughts that impair your Spring Time feelings, and continue challenging them.
April also begins with the celebration of “April Fools Day.” Recovery entails continuing efforts to become honest with yourself and others, and to avoid the con games and manipulations that many addicts engage in. These con games and tactics may not have begun as a result of your addiction, as the first signs of these problems are often evident in childhood. As with the substance abuse chapter, not everyone will find themselves in this chapter, but if you pride yourself in being a player or hustler, you may find that this chapter speaks strongly to you.



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