DON’T Fight in Front of the Kids or within their hearing – Calling your spouse names, yelling, pushing, hitting, breaking objects, punching walls, and threatening him or her in front of your children can have negative physiological effects. Kids who witness this may act out in fear, run away, seek dangerous coping techniques like drugs or alcohol and may think it’s acceptable to treat your spouse or other people in this manner. Children who grow up in violent homes may learn to seek out partners who will abuse them, or may become abusive themselves. If you are in a divorce situation, do your best to avoid bringing the children into your fight.

Set a Good Example – Cutting in line, lying, cursing and stealing in front of your children sets a bad example. Parents are your child’s first teacher and your actions make a huge impressions. Children are paying attention even when they don’t seem to be. They are extremely impressionable and will mimic bad behavior from adults.



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