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People with anger issues are generally angry with the world. They are just as likely to get angry with a stranger in public as they are with a family member or friend. They walk around with a belief that the world should know and follow their inner rules. They often describe themselves as having a

Anger is another normal emotion that everyone experiences throughout their lives. It is only bad if you use it in a way that hurts yourself or others. Anger can be an excellent emotion in that it gives us focus, strength and energy. Many people join causes or become more productive in some way when they

Anxiety is caused by your thoughts. It’s an interesting conundrum that your mind controls your brain, and your brain controls your mind. Still, it comes down to you having a choice and control over your own mind and thoughts. The most common way people give themselves anxiety (yes, you give it to yourself, it doesn’t

Anxiety is a normal emotion. Everyone has anxiety at times. It’s a survival mechanism. In the past, anxiety kept people from walking into a lion’s den. Today it still helps you stay safe. Without anxiety about getting into an accident, why not drive 100 miles, or why not go to the beach on a nice

  A million years ago our ancestors lived together in caves. A thousand years ago they lived together in small villages. A hundred years ago children, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins all lived on the same neighborhood block. Today, we are lucky if our relatives live in the same state. As a consequence of

  It’s important to avoid fighting words if you want to get along with others. Your teen will be especially sensitive towards you use of certain words. These include:   You Should (have to, must, need to, supposed or ought to) You Always You Never Why – why did you, or why won’t you. Name

Hurricane Irma Trauma Counseling. Feeling traumatized? We can help you. Our therapists are trained to help people recover from frightening experiences. I hope you are ok and didn’t suffer damages or too much flooding. Cheer Counseling was open Sunday night and we had a small hurricane party. Since then, I’ve spoken to several people who

  It’s been sixteen years today since the attack on the Twin Towers. It may be a good time sometime today to sit back and reflect on how this has changed the world, and how you responded to it. If you would like to share your story, and your feelings about 9/11, then please send

There is a strong connection between self-defeating beliefs and one’s functioning and happiness in life. Take this questionnaire to uncover your self-defeating beliefs.

  As children enter adolescence, they begin separating from the nest – usually before parents are ready to let them do so.  You child who was once so close to you is suddenly defiant and angry. He still depends on you for care and support, but resents that he doesn’t have unlimited freedom to do