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      Children of divorce have a lot of emotional baggage to handle. Not only do they experience the loss of their biological family, but they often need to adjust to new step-parents and siblings. They now have two homes and families that they have to split their time between. Their parents are too

  School is back in session.  This is a challenging time for young children. They are meeting old and new friends, learning about their new teacher or teachers, and expected to do increasingly difficult work. While some children fit right in and adjust to the new school year, others struggle. They may be bright but

There is a strong connection between self-defeating beliefs and one’s functioning and happiness in life. Take this questionnaire to uncover your self-defeating beliefs.

Many people come to me for counseling and ask about medication for their “chemical imbalance.” Although there certainly are situations when there is a true chemical imbalance, most people who suffer from depression, sadness, the blues, or anxiety are perfectly normal. If their problems were suddenly to disappear: suppose someone depressed over money problems were

Counseling for young children, otherwise known as play therapy takes into account the way children communicate. Adults come to counseling, sit down and talk, but young children aren’t skilled in using words to express themselves. They show their feelings and thoughts through play. Various techniques to help children communicate include using dolls of various ages

Marriage counseling is different from other kinds of counseling and not all counselors are well trained or effective in it. People often feel that they are going to the counselor to “tell on” the other person. They expect the counselor to listen while they list their complaints about their partner, often going back many years.

Counseling should be like going to a dentist. It’s healthy for everyone to get occasional help. Movie stars are known for going to counseling, as are many other wealthy people. However, counseling is now affordable for everyone and laws in the past years have required insurance companies to pay for unlimited sessions. Even counselors go

The DSM 5 is the psychiatrist’s “bible” used to describe and diagnose disorders. Disorders are separated into numerous categories of illnesses such as depression, anxiety, though disorders, and personality disorders. There are three groups of personality disorders. Over the next few blogs I will be discussing a variety of personality disorders that counselors may see.

Lawrence had it with his teenaged son. The boy had a filthy room and no matter what he did, the boy refused to clean his room. It wasn’t just a little messy, no this room was so dirty that you’d think you had walked into a gym locker room. The smell from his shoes alone

When cars, such as the model T, were new there was a rich man in town who bought a deluxe, stretch limousine. While in his car, he went down Main Street waving to all the people. He waved to people in front of him, to both sides, and then he turned around and waved to