Children of divorce have a lot of emotional baggage to handle. Not only do they experience the loss of their biological family, but they often need to adjust to new step-parents and siblings. They now have two homes and families that they have to split their time between. Their parents are too often angry with each other and may share their feelings with their children. They are far too young to cope with the adult situations that their parents may confide in them. Even in the best situations, divorce is still a trauma for children. We often work with children who suffer from anxiety, depression, bed-wetting, defiance, poor grades, immaturity, anger, and difficulties making or keeping friends. The sooner problems such as these are addressed, the quicker they can be resolved and the happier your child will feel. There is no need to feel guilty that you haven’t given your child the perfect life that you had dreamed you would, but that is no reason to resist getting help now.



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