The human species are born to communicate. All but a minority of people learn to talk and communicate within their first two to three years of life. The fact that you are presently reading this, or listening to someone else read it, proves that you have an innate ability to communicate. That being said, clearly some people have better communication skills than others, and most people could use some improvement in developing their communication skills. If you aren’t good at communicating with others, it’s not because there is something wrong with you or that you are unable to learn this, it’s because you need to learn a few basic, simple skills that will improve your interaction with others.
Many people communicate by telling others about themselves, name-calling, or blaming others for how they feel. Here are a few examples of such poor communication:

  1. You never get it right.
  2. You always screw everything up.
  3. What is wrong with you?
  4. You should be doing it my way.
  5. Why can’t you ever get it right?
  6. You are an idiot!

Tomorrow I’ll share some better ways to communicate



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