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About Our Group Counseling

One of the best ways to heal emotionally is in relationships with others.
A therapy group can be an affordable and powerful place to grow and heal. Groups can stand alone or enhance the work done in individual or couples counseling.

Not only do you learn from the group leader, but the other group participants can be a great source of support, as well as a safe place to practice new communication and coping skills. You will experience real life practice engaging in healthy relationships with others, and the potential to grow your support network in a safe and therapeutic setting.

Groups are focused on topics such as relationship problems, feelings of loneliness, isolation, depression and anxiety. We also have groups for adolescents who need to develop social skills, people in transition, such as divorce, and addiction recovery. Our groups are designed to help you deal with social concerns, express your feelings, set life-goals, and learn to manage your most difficult challenges.

Group topics change from time to time based on current availability and scheduling. Contact our Cheer Office (813) 662-4214 for current group offerings or to be added to our wait list.

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