Halloween can be a really special time for you to spend with your children. I remember with fond memories some of the impossible costumes my father made for me and my sister. We never had a store-bought costume, and often spent weeks working with my father in deciding on a costume and building it. My father was an engineer, so designing came naturally to him. Practical – not so much. The costumes he designed were amazing, but often huge and heavy, or too awkward to walk in easily. This was years ago when people knew their neighbors, and did not fear them. We went door to door as the little beggars we were allowed to be that night, filling our bags with candy. One year my sister went wearing a box with holes cut out for her arms. I think she was a TV or a robot, but don’t remember for sure. I remember the time my father decorated a heavy metal sled – a round saucer, with a pumpkin face and I hung it in front of me. It was almost as big as I was. The best costume I ever had entailed six additional arms – including mine, I had eight. I wore all black and all eight arms ended in white gloves. I was an amazing spider. I could barely move, but it was an amazing costume. Dad is still around and still using his imagination to invent impossible things. Having (and being) a supportive parent with lead to life-time memories. Everyone have a great Halloween, and make special memories for yourself and your children.