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• Last year I posted regular updates, all the way through to Halloween. Then I got hit with the procrastination bug. I was busy with holidays but promised to get start again tomorrow. One tomorrow led into another, and another, until it was not only a new year, but a new summer. I have a to-do list on my phone, and “write a blog” just sat there, begging to be completed and removed. Finally, I put aside today to start writing my blogs and here I am. I’m not sure why I procrastinate because more often than not, I procrastinate doing things that I actually enjoy doing once I get started. Maybe it’s the difficulty of just getting started that makes it so easy to put off and delay getting important things done, and sometimes that includes less than important things too. I’m not sure why I can be doing something gun-ho and then lose my momentum and not complete the project for months. For many people it may be completing a necessary project, shopping, housecleaning, making a phone call, returning something to the store, or… You know what you can add to this list. Somehow though, all of us are capable of accomplishing tasks that are essential. Most of us manage to get to our work on time every day, even if we can’t get out of bed and get our day started on the weekend (it isn’t just me, is it?). I find that keeping a to-do list and checking it off daily helps me keep moving and finishing important projects. I’ve read that people who are very successful, like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, schedule their days in fifteen-minute increments. Can you imagine how much you (and I) would accomplish if we scheduled hourly activities (no way can I see myself scheduling every 15 minutes) instead of procrastinating our days away.