People with anger issues are generally angry with the world. They are just as likely to get angry with a stranger in public as they are with a family member or friend. They walk around with a belief that the world should know and follow their inner rules. They often describe themselves as having a lot of easily pushed buttons.

Domestic violence is a different situation, and far more serious. It also takes much longer to treat and there are specialized programs that are recognized by the court. Domestic violence is focused on close family members, usually a spouse. It occurs among both men and women, but is more serious when a man has domestic violence against his partner. This is because men not only tend to be more aggressive but because they are bigger and stronger than their partners. Domestic violence isn’t so much about anger but rather, about power and control. Therapy tends to focus on recognizing and changing power and control behaviors. The Power and Control Wheel summarizes common characteristics of men who are involved in domestic violence treatment.