When cars, such as the model T, were new there was a rich man in town who bought a deluxe, stretch limousine. While in his car, he went down Main Street waving to all the people. He waved to people in front of him, to both sides, and then he turned around and waved to the people behind him. Even though he barely looked at the road, he never had an accident. The reason was because he had four draft horses pulling the car.

This man was running his car on four-horse power. It worked, and the car went down the road. Imagine how much more horse-power he would have had if he’d known how to put the key in and start the ignition. At least 100 horse-power!  The question I have to ask you is, are you doing something because people or events outside of yourself are forcing you to – are you working on four horse-power, or are you coming to therapy and making changes in your life using internal power – working on 100 horse-power?



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