As a child, I always remembered March with the expression “In like a lion, out like a lamb.” March is a month of changes. One day may be icy cold with a bitter wind, and the next day mild and sunny. The cold grip of winter is giving way to spring, but it doesn’t go down without a fight. Of course, now that I’ve moved to Florida, and especially with the recent mild winters, the weather changes aren’t as obvious. However, the mood changes still occur within you as a normal part of recovery. One day you may feel like a raging lion and the next day you will have found, at least temporarily, the peace and serenity of a lamb. You may temporarily feel very uncomfortable as your problems, like the artic winds, fight a losing battle with your newfound health.

While I am writing these next blogs focused on addiction, the advice and information can be helpful as everyone has some areas of their lives in which they act addictively. This could be in relationships, time wasting activities (TV, internet games, bad habits etc)



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