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Yes, We Take Most Major Insurance Companies Including:


And Many More – Check your insurance list to see if we’re there.

We Make it Easy for You

Please call your insurance company to find out your benefits prior to your first session – the number is on the back of your card. We send in the bill after every session. We know that you have other things to worry about. Relax and let our experienced billing professionals manage your insurance claims for you.

Will My Insurance Pay for Marriage Counseling?

Insurance companies do not pay for marriage counseling. However, if you have another problem such as depression, anxiety, or adjustment disorder (having trouble adjusting to an unhappy situation), we are able to see a couple together to help you with these other problems and your insurance will pay for each person in the session. If you don’t have insurance, we will bill at a reduced rate of $50-$75 per person, depending on income.


Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies offer a variety of insurance products to all segments of the population, including large employer groups, small business and individuals. The Blues® currently serve 85% of Fortune 100 companies and 76% of Fortune 500 companies. Moreover, the Blues have enrolled more than half of all U.S. federal workers, retirees and their families, making the Federal Employee Program the largest single health plan group in the world.

Do You Take Medicaid or Medicare?

NO. We do NOT take Medicaid or Medicare, Stay Well or Healthy Kids, but people who are on these plans automatically qualify for our lowest reduced fees.

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