Rational Emotive Cognitive Therapy is a rapid recovery therapy, developed by Albert Ellis, which helps people recover from their problems within a few sessions, usually 3-6 months or less. If you are aware of the thoughts and ideas that interfere with your happiness, then you can choose to change them. However, the first step is to understand the irrational beliefs that are getting in your way of living the life you want to. So often I hear people say that someone “made” them mad (upset, angry etc) but the truth is that you alone, and nobody else is in control of how you feel. Your thinking decides an outcome. If you think that a certain situation “should” be a specific way and it isn’t, then you may decide it’s terrible and you can’t stand it, but it’s your self-talk that is making you upset, NOT the situation. It’s A (antecedent event or action) + B (your belief) = C (consequence).

A + (“B”) = C (“B”) that’s A going through and being processed in your brain to decide the outcome or C.

What irrational thoughts are getting in your way? To find out, take this questionnaire.




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