Lack of Discipline – If your child acts up, throws a fit or bullies another child, you do nothing. Lack of discipline in parenting often stems from not wanting to look “mean.” Many parents don’t know the correct way to discipline a child, so they choose to do nothing instead.
This type of ghost parenting can lead to serious problems. Children thrive with boundaries and rules for interactions with others. Without consequences, the line between good and bad can become blurred or even non-existent.

What to do instead: Set clear and consistent rules and consequences for your child. Make sure that the consequence is related to what the child did. If a child has a temper tantrum in the store, leave the store immediately. Do NOT reward the child with candy or a toy for his misbehavior. It’s so much easier to give in and buy the child what he wants, but this establishes bad behaviors. Your child learns how to control you. Do not wait until you get home and make him sit in a time-out. It’s just not related to what he did, so it won’t change his behaviors, just leave him feeling angry and resentful. Remember Discipline = teaching, punishment = hurting.

If a child throws a toy, by all means take the toy away, but if he is doing something unrelated to the toy, leave it be and find something CONNECTED to what he is doing.



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