SECOND SEASON: You are Sane and Have the Power Within Yourself to Maintain Your Own Recovery

Welcome to February. The New Year is well begun and you are continuing with your resolutions and new life. Since Valentines Day is February 14th, the focus of this month will be Love and Relationships. One key topic that this month covers is improved communication. A key point in your recovery includes developing and maintaining healthy relationships with people who support your positive goals and abstinence from harmful thinking and behaviors.

It is essential for your recovery to understand that you are not in control of others, and they in turn, have no control over you, unless you chose to give them that control. There are many people who will put you down, call you names, and attempt to take control over your life, behavior, and even your thoughts. If someone calls you insane, or tells you that your life in unmanageable, you need to challenge this within yourself. Most people, even those with serious problems, manage fairly well in most areas of their lives, and are quite sane, although they may do crazy things at times.
Some serious drug addicts, alcoholics, and mentally ill individuals do reach a low level of unmanageability and end up going from crisis to crisis, becoming homeless and living in the woods, but that is generally a minority of addicts at the end stage of their addiction.
Far more people remain functional and manage their lives fairly well in spite of their problems. I want you to clearly understand that no one, or nothing, but yourself, can either keep you from practicing your addiction, or make you engage in it. Your friend, neighbor, partner or higher power did not force you to engage in your addictions, and none of them will stop you either. The power to abstain from drugs, alcohol, unhealthy people, unhealthy activities, and addictive or dysfunctional behavior lies only within yourself.



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