Mature adults understand that they can’t expect others to take care of them. You are responsible for the decisions you make. Nobody forced you into your addiction and nobody will stop you. You make the choice to get up every morning and get on with your day, doing the things that you know are necessary to keep your life running smoothly. When things don’t go as you wish, it’s up to you to continue managing and not to give-up. There are always roadblocks in life, but it’s up to you to challenge and master them, rather than to give up and blame roadblocks for your choice to fail or not.
You never fail until you quit trying. You were born knowing this lesson. When you were a baby you tried over and over again to turn over, sit up, and finally to walk. No matter how many times you fell down, you always got up and tried again. Every important skill that you have mastered in your life took practice and failing over and over again before you finally mastered it. Take responsibility for your life. Don’t give it to others, and don’t give up on your challenges.



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