Now, to get back on topic, here are some examples of how to set goals. Remember, a goal must be measurable and have a set time. It must be a positive action. I want to be happy isn’t a goal because there is no way to measure happiness. When people give me this goal, I ask them to define happiness. “I won’t drink” isn’t a goal because it doesn’t say what you WILL be doing. There are lots of things that I won’t do. I will never grow wings and fly to the moon. I won’t swim across the Pacific Ocean, and I won’t be arrested and put in jail for robbing a bank. However, these aren’t goals because I don’t have to make any effort to achieve them. I could achieve these non-goals by staying in bed and sleeping all day. Here are some examples of goals that are measurable, including what you are going to do and when.

l Suppose you decide to write a book, this might impress some people, but it shouldn’t. Can you write one page? Most people can. Imagine that you decide to write one page everyday for the next six months. At the end of that time, you’d have written 182 pages, which is a respectable book. Writing a book isn’t very hard, but writing it well is far more difficult. This will take studying, reading about how to write, and feedback from other people who can look at your work with a fresh eye. Still, if you really want to write a book, plan a date to begin. Someday never happens.



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