So often we act as though we can read our partner’s mind. But we can’t. Even couples who have been married for a very long time aren’t as good at mind reading as they think they are. Besides, it’s very annoying to have someone tell you what you think. It’s a great way to start a fight though. Avoid saying I know you think…, you only want…., you don’t care about …, you want me to fail…, etc.
Replace mind reading – I know what you’re thinking, with an honest question. What are you thinking, which do you prefer etc. Avoid sarcasm, ask an honest question, and then listen to the answer.

Sarcasm – this is poisonous to any relationship. Rather than communicating, you are putting down or making fun of the other person. Avoid being sarcastic at all costs – it could cost you your marriage if you don’t. Replace sarcasm with being respectful and caring to your partner.



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