The Fourth Season Make a Habit of Monitoring Your Thoughts and Words As They Happen

Be aware of your thinking, for your thoughts become your actions, and they represent who you are. As a child you had your parents watching over your shoulder to make sure you did things right. If you’ve ever been in trouble with the law, you may have had a probation officer, which is an adult version of a parent. Until you learn to listen to that tiny voice in your head that talks to you, telling you what is right and wrong, and constantly monitoring your own thoughts and behaviors, you will continue having problems relating to your relationships, freedom, health and overall life. This voice is called your conscience and you need to learn to keep it with you at all times.

I had a man in one of my classes who had trouble hearing this own warning voice, so he tattooed a picture of his mother onto his back. Whenever he had any doubts about his thinking and behavior, he thought about what he would do if his mother were watching him. I’m not suggesting that you tattoo your mother on your back, but do make it a habit to stop and check your thinking, rather than acting automatically in ways that could be harmful to you or others.



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