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Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC)
MA Rehabilitation Counseling, University of Florida, Tampa, Fl.

Nancy WolfNancy works with children and adults. She also offers alternative therapy including hypnotism, deep relaxation, and Jin Shin Jyutsu (acupressure – no needles) for PAIN RELIEF. If you suffer from chronic pain, headaches, stomachaches, muscle pains, generally feeling unwell, her relaxing treatment can help. Nancy is excellent working with individuals of all ages. She specializes in pain management, anxiety, depression and grief.

Nancy specializes in Children, Teens, Women, Families, and Grief. She uses Jin Shin Jyutsu to help with pain management as well as depression, anxiety and grief.

What is Jin Shin Jyutsu?

Jin Shin Jyutsu employs twenty-six safety energy locks along a network of energetic pathways that nourish life within the body. When one or more of these safety energy locks become blocked, a local disruption can occur, eventually resulting in disharmony of the energetic pathway completely. Application of the Art of Jin Shin Jyutsu® (light pressure applied with the fingertips to the safety energy locks) brings balance, releases deep tension, and restores harmonious flow along the energetic pathways.

A Jin Shin Jyutsu session generally lasts an hour, and does not involve massage or use of substances. It is a gentle, yet powerful art, practiced by placing fingertips (over clothing) onto the safety energy locks in specific combination. Jin Shin Jyutsu is a natural art which facilitates the restoration of an individual’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance. Literally translated, it means, “Art of the Creator through compassionate and knowing man.” This simple, yet incredibly powerful art was rediscovered in Japan in the beginning of the twentieth century by Jiro Murai, and brought to the west by Mary Burmeister in the 1950s. A Jin Shin session begins with listening to the pulse, which reveals to the practitioner information about the current flow of energy and state of being of the client. It indicates where he or she needs help. Unlike western medicine, the emphasis is not on diagnosing, but on harmonizing. All disease begins with blockages of energy, and the pulse shows the practitioner the specific energy points that need to be held to restore the harmonious flow, without creating additional stress in the client’s mind about the condition. The remaining treatment consists of gently holding points in various combinations until complete harmony of energy and pulsation is established. There is no pain or physical manipulation. The practitioner uses his/her hands and “jumper cables” the energy in order to recharge the “battery of life”, enabling universal energy to flow through the client’s body and reawaken its natural healing ability. As simple as this technique is, it yields amazing results physically, as well as emotionally. It is effective in relieving pain; stiff, spastic, or strained muscles and joints; respiratory conditions; appetite imbalance; and reproductive difficulties. It has a dramatic effect on emotional problems, and people frequently have experiences of spiritual integration during or after a session. Stress is alleviated and the client leaves feeling much more centered and relaxed. Although for chronic conditions several sessions might be needed, improvement is usually experienced after only one session.

“Jin Shin Jyutsu is an ancient art and is, quite frankly, the most astonishingly easy and effective way of restoring health and well-being simply by using our hands. It is a way to release the deep tension that is interfering with our body’s ability to heal itself ongoingly. Once this deep tension is released, life force energy (or “chi”) can move freely thus supporting our entire system; body, mind and spirit. Jin Shin Jyutsu also balances and strengthens our chi.” —Jane Pritchard, Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner

“…a holistic approach to health and healing and is a dramatic, rapid intervention system that reshapes the client’s feelings of competence and capability.” —Anonymous

” A Jin Shin Jyutsu treatment is like a mini-vacation. You can go wherever you want for about an hour, and when you open your eyes, you feel relaxed, refreshed and recharged.” —Danny Smith, Graphic Designer

“When people ask me how I feel about Jin Shin, I reply that it is the most incredible medical treatment I have ever received. When they ask HOW it works, I reply that I haven’t the foggiest idea. They say it ‘opens up energy flows.’ What does that mean? I don’t know, but I feel pain moving around, and finally leaving my body, as it’s being done. It’s like electricity. Why does the light turn on when I push the switch? The scientific explanation is that electrons flowing through two wires are given a connection by the switch. But WHY do electrons do what they do? That’s more difficult. No one really knows…the same as no one knows why the cells of the human body react as they do to the touch of Jin Shin. But the switch gives light, and Jin Shin treatments give healing. That I know. Before I began Jin Shin, my legs were much weaker and had the sensation of being ‘asleep’, a vague sort of muscle tingling, most of the time. That is gone. I’m walking better and farther, and have more stamina. I highly recommend it for anyone, but particularly anyone with chronic illness who really wants to get well.” —Barbara Bannon Harwood, Builder and Consultant

“You’re really good. I felt held and I felt safe.” —Carol Wishcamper, Organization Consultant

“Energy-based therapy that brings balance and harmony to the body’s electromagnetic field, to facilitate an integration of body, mind and spirit.” —Anonymous

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