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Privacy Statement (HIPAA)

All therapy sessions are completely confidential. Unless we have your written request giving us permission, our staff and counselors can not disclose any information to anyone else, including saying whether or not you are a client with us.
Under the HIPAA Law, information about your care at Cheer Counseling and your therapy record is strictly confidential. It can not be released. A summary letter may be released ONLY WITH YOURWRITTEN PERMISSION. This policy ensures your right to privacy and is applied regardless of whether the information is requested by family members, friends, insurance companies, attorneys, or other health care providers.

Confidentiality Regarding Insurance Companies

The only thing we disclose to insurance companies are the dates you attended and a diagnosis number – usually adjustment disorder (meaning you are having trouble adjusting to something in your life). We never release any details about what happens in therapy to anybody. If you are concerned that attending counseling may affect your medical records, you are free to pay for the sessions yourself. However, we accept your insurance if you choose to use it – most people who have insurance do use it and we have never heard any reports about negative consequences resulting. We leave the choice up to you.

Note to Attorneys

Under HIPAA restrictions, We CAN NOT release records for any of our clients, EVEN WITH ASUBPOENA. With the client’s written permission (or permission of BOTH parents) we will provide a written report summarizing the client’s progress in therapy. There is a fee for this service. The personal notes will NOT be released under any condition.

When Would You Break Confidentiality?

The law requires us to break confidentiality in order to provide you help if you are a danger to yourself or another person, and to report abuse of a child, disabled or elderly person. However, we only share enough information to get help, never your personal conversations with your counselor.

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