Within the past few years I’ve been doing a great deal of relationship counseling. Working with couples is a challenge because of the increased possible interactions. When I’m working with one person, there is only one interaction. Myself and the client. When working with couples there are many more possible interactions. People sometimes wonder about the success rate for marriage counseling. I have found that when a couple comes together with an honest intention of improving their marriage (or relationship) then they have a very high success rate at Cheer Counseling.

There are times when the couple comes too late and the relationship is already over emotionally. When one or both parties have emotionally withdrawn, and at least one person has already decided that it is over, there is very little that any counselor can do to save the relationship. When you feel that your relationship is slipping, don’t delay. Get help immediately. Often it only takes a few sessions to turn a problem around and resume a happy marriage (or relationship).



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