Kids will be returning to school this week. It’s been a hot, short summer, and I’m sure parents, teachers and even kids are ready to get back into a normal school year schedule. Some children adjust to a new school year easily, but others have problems settling-in. Some children seem unhappy, reluctant to get up in the morning, refuse to do homework, bring home poor grades, are bullied, or have difficulty making friends. Other children may have problems sitting still, focusing or concentrating on their lessons. In each of these situations, it’s best to get counseling. Often it only takes a few sessions to “nip it in the bud” and get the problems resolved quickly before it becomes serious.

At times, children are having problems due to family issues. We often work with children whose parents are fighting or even getting a divorce. The best way to help these children is often working with the parents instead – especially if the child is very young. Remarriages and step-parents add an additional stress on children, as does living in two households.

Younger children do better “playing” to show their feelings, rather than talking. I once had a child push a clay model of one parent under the couch pillow when asked to show his relationship. Over time, the model come out from under the couch and later came close enough to the child’s model to touch and even kiss. The message of recovery was clear.

Cheer Counseling has counselors who are experienced working with children and their families. We welcome you to inquire about getting help. If you aren’t sure if there is a problem, feel free to call and discuss the situation with us (or leave a message and Linda will call you back) – if there isn’t a problem, she will reassure you that the situation is normal and your child doesn’t need therapy. We are here to help, and at times that means telling someone that their child is doing fine and doesn’t need counseling, while at other times we get the child in counseling the same or next day.

This year Cheer Counseling has notebooks and crayons for all children through August and September (until we run out) as well as our beloved “Treasure Chest,” where children can choose a small gift after each counseling session.  We offer coffee and tea for the adults.



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