Roadblocks are patterns of thinking, as described by Dr. Stanton Samenow and Dr. Samuel Yochelson, that result in life problems. Dr. Samenow and Dr. Yochelson found that these are common thinking errors of criminals and drug addicts. Dr. Albert Ellis also described various thinking patterns that lead to life problems in average people without serious criminal or substance abuse problems. He called these irrational beliefs. Throughout this book, I will be presenting the work of these men, concepts that often overlap, and helping you learn to examine your own thinking patterns and the roadblocks you use that are harmful to your own happiness and mental health.

Avoiding Duties and Obligations.
Avoiding your duties and obligations by forgetting, putting them off, or depending on others to do them for you will result in a reactive life-style, where you spend unnecessary time and energy trying to fix problems that never needed to happen in the first place. Responsible people take care of their obligations up front. Failure to meet your obligations is a clear risk factor that will increase stress in your life and eventually lead you back to your addictions.



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