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Back to School


School is back in session.  This is a challenging time for young children. They are meeting old and new friends, learning about their new teacher or teachers, and expected to do increasingly difficult work. While some children fit right in and adjust to the new school year, others struggle. They may be bright but have a learning difficulty, or they may have emotional problems that interfere with their ability to concentrate. School work is focused on the “average” child – the middle of the group. However, when you go for the middle, half the group is brighter and half is slower. These are just natural differences that we see in any population. This is true of any characteristic. For example, half the children are taller than the average child and half are shorter. The bright child might feel bored and turn off, while the slower child struggles to understand work that moves too fast for him. Since there is no perfectly average child, it is important for every parent to be active and aware of problems their child may be having in school, either academically or emotionally. Child also bring their home-life into classroom. If their parents are having problems such as financial worries, fights, conflicts or divorce situations, it often affects children and their ability to thrive in school.

We know that children undergoing a stressful situation do better if they have a listening and caring adult to support them. The support of a caring adult helps children become resistant to stress, and this carries over into a happier and more successful adult life. If you feel your child needs help in expressing his feelings, and needs a special friend to support him through difficult times, please consider calling Cheer Counseling. We can discuss your unique situation and help you determine if counseling for you, or for your child, is the right direction to go.



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