It’s been sixteen years today since the attack on the Twin Towers. It may be a good time sometime today to sit back and reflect on how this has changed the world, and how you responded to it. If you would like to share your story, and your feelings about 9/11, then please send me a note. Let me know if you want me to publish them on this blog. Thanks. Linda


My own story: I was in the middle of writing a book titled Americans Lost. I was interviewing homeless people about their lives and experiences. The book was going slowly, and I didn’t have much focus to it. I was at my computer writing and my children were watching television. There was a movie about an airplane flying into a building, with people running all over in hysterics. I told my daughter to turn off the movie, as it was distracting me from writing. She said, “it isn’t a movie, it just happened.” I stopped writing and watched it stunned. Over the next few weeks I interviewed homeless people and was amazed how compassionate and concerned they were about the attack. Now, I would love to have you share your own story about 9/11.