OKAY everyone – I promised that I had an announcement regarding upcoming programs. Here is one that is most on my mind and ready for clients!

Cheer Counseling is presently developing a new and intensive substance abuse treatment program. Our program includes individual counseling, family or couples counseling, group therapy (adult men, adult woman, adolescents) and alternative treatments for pain management, anxiety, stress andPTSD such as acupressure (no needles), EMDR and hypnotism. Call the office 813-662-4214 to make an initial appointment. Or Linda 813-620-4900 for questions about this program.

Yes, we are offering pain management – even if you don’t have a substance abuse problem, our alternative treatments have resolved backaches, stomachaches, multiple muscle and joint aches, and migraines. What have you to loose besides your pain? Call us to set an appointment today.

Word of the day – Aplomb

Aplomb n. Self-confident assurance, skill, and poise – especially in difficult or challenging circumstances.



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