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No relationship can work if partners are disrespecting each other. This shows in body language when a couple comes in with their arms crossed – forming a barrier against their partner, and a refusal to make eye-contact. In a good relationship, when I talk to one partner, the other one listens respectfully, and may even

Now that you have an understanding of how an “I message” works, and the two parts, identifying your feelings and giving a specific statement, it’s time to start practicing with other people. You may also discuss your action or behavior, but don’t blame the other person for your actions or thoughts. Here are a few

The next step in good communication is learning to be specific. Say exactly what you want, and don’t leave it open ended for others to have to guess your meaning. Here are some examples that are done for you. Yes or no relates to the statement being specific or not: Clean up the mess –

Now you try some. Write Yes if this demonstrates good communication (even if it doesn’t relate personally to you). Write No if it shows poor communication, or blames others for the writer’s feelings. 1. I feel happy __________ 2. You make me happy ___________ 3. The kids upset me __________________ 4. I feel upset with