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Interaction between couples is what I refer to as the dance. The details of the fight are the music. The body language and unspoken conversation is the dance. Couples want to discuss the music and the conversation sounds like this: He likes jazz, I can’t stand jazz, I want to listen to country music instead.

When a couple comes to see me, I give them a choice of sitting arrangements. They can sit next to each other on a love seat, or one can chose to sit across from the other on a chair. I can assess the severity of problems within the first few seconds just by looking at

Rather than blaming the other and starting conversations with poisonous words such as you and should, focus on talking about YOURSELF. NO this isn’t selfish, this is the path to good communication. Stop telling your partner what he/she believes, and rather, share how you feel. Use words such as I feel, I think, I need,

Now you try some. Write Yes if this demonstrates good communication (even if it doesn’t relate personally to you). Write No if it shows poor communication, or blames others for the writer’s feelings. 1. I feel happy __________ 2. You make me happy ___________ 3. The kids upset me __________________ 4. I feel upset with

A second part to good communication is to be specific. I like going around a room and asking people what they would do if I asked them to clean up. If there are ten people in the class, I’ll probably get ten different answers. “I’d sweep the floor,” I’d pick up those papers” “I’d straighten

Here is an assignment that I would like you to do for one week (consider it free therapy). Keep a small piece of paper with you – I’d suggest a 3×5 card, and keep a tally of every time you say or think “should”, “must” or any related word. You will probably be surprised by

The human species are born to communicate. All but a minority of people learn to talk and communicate within their first two to three years of life. The fact that you are presently reading this, or listening to someone else read it, proves that you have an innate ability to communicate. That being said, clearly