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Interaction between couples is what I refer to as the dance. The details of the fight are the music. The body language and unspoken conversation is the dance. Couples want to discuss the music and the conversation sounds like this: He likes jazz, I can’t stand jazz, I want to listen to country music instead.

Counseling should be like going to a dentist. It’s healthy for everyone to get occasional help. Movie stars are known for going to counseling, as are many other wealthy people. However, counseling is now affordable for everyone and laws in the past years have required insurance companies to pay for unlimited sessions. Even counselors go

February Newsletter – here is the link to see it with pictures. If it doesn’t work here, try it on my facebook. I know that works. Enjoy! Linda February Newsletter from Cheer Counseling February 2012 Cheer Counseling provides cheerful, high quality and affordable counseling. We offer old-fashioned personal service that excels in all areas