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Interaction between couples is what I refer to as the dance. The details of the fight are the music. The body language and unspoken conversation is the dance. Couples want to discuss the music and the conversation sounds like this: He likes jazz, I can’t stand jazz, I want to listen to country music instead.

Marriage counseling is different from other kinds of counseling and not all counselors are well trained or effective in it. People often feel that they are going to the counselor to “tell on” the other person. They expect the counselor to listen while they list their complaints about their partner, often going back many years.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Now that we’re into Turkey left-overs and the Holiday shopping season, tension and stress begins to take it’s effect on marriages and relationships. Too many people are coming for couples counseling after the marriage is effectively over. They are using counseling to say “look, we tried everything, even counseling.” Please come earlier