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Within the past few years I’ve been doing a great deal of relationship counseling. Working with couples is a challenge because of the increased possible interactions. When I’m working with one person, there is only one interaction. Myself and the client. When working with couples there are many more possible interactions. People sometimes wonder about

So often we act as though we can read our partner’s mind. But we can’t. Even couples who have been married for a very long time aren’t as good at mind reading as they think they are. Besides, it’s very annoying to have someone tell you what you think. It’s a great way to start

We learned about relationships by observing our parents during childhood. Often, people who observed control or violence in childhood seek out a partner who will repeat this pattern. If that pattern was abusive, women are likely to find an abusive partner, and men may imitate their father and find a woman who accepts abuse in

Most people desire a healthy relationship, yet many find this hard to achieve. One problem with relationships is that both parties bring their past into the relationship. Jack may think that he is married to Jill, but he doesn’t realize that Jill has brought her past with her. Not only are there Jack and Jill