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Addiction Counseling

Substance Abuse Treatment and Counseling

Addictions and substance abuse can control and destroy friendships, careers, relationships, and even result in death. Cheer counselors understand the serious and destructive nature of addictions. Cheer offers therapy for drugs and, alcohol. Therapy focuses on changing thinking along with behavior. Our approach leads to rapid and long term recovery from your addictions. Instead of thinking about and regularly reminding yourself about your addiction, we help you move on with your life, set goals and develop a new, drug-free, addiction-free life-style. Never again will you have to manage your addictions one-day-at-a-time because you will have moved on with your life. Yes, even if you’ve failed you can reach a point where your addictions will only be a memory in your past.

  • Urine testing for drugs and breath-test for alcohol available
  • Court ordered treatment compliance reporting
  • Treatment program with individual counseling and group counseling
  • 8 week program

Experienced in Addiction Counseling

Prior to opening CHEER in 2006, Linda worked for five years with clients who were court ordered into therapy due to anger and/or substance abuse problems. She developed and ran programs for clients with substance abuse, child abuse, and criminal thinking.

Do I have a substance abuse/alcohol problem? Yes answers to one or more of these questions indicate a possible problem.

1. Much time and focus spent on obtaining, taking, or recovering from the substance.
2. A persistent desire to use, with unsuccessful efforts to control it.
3. Substance is used in greater amounts or over longer periods of time than the person intended.
4. Increased tolerance.
5. Family or friends suggest you decrease use or express concern.
6. Continued use even though it is creating problems socially, physically, psychologically, at work, in marriage etc.
7. Frequent periods of intoxication and use in social and important life areas such as school or work.
8. Withdrawal symptoms.
9. Blackouts, periods of time that you can’t remember.
10.Substance taken to relieve withdrawal symptoms.

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