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Anxiety Counseling

What is anxiety?

Anxiety is that feeling that you give yourself when you fear that something bad is going to happen.
Some people feel anxiety as a pit in their stomach, shaking, sweating.
More severe cases it can include panic symptoms such as a racing heart and a feeling that you are going to die.
Some people express anxiety through obsessive thoughts or compulsive behaviors (OCD).

Different people have different thresholds for experiencing anxiety. The most severe cases can be crippling, limiting a person’s ability to interact socially with others, sometimes to the extreme of being unable to leave their home. People with anxiety respond well to therapy and often find that they can master their fears and live a full life with little or no need for medication.

All our counselors are experienced in working with anxiety disorders and have many methods to help your recovery.

Why do I get anxious?

Anxiety originated as a survival technique when humans lived as hunter gatherers, and often found themselves in dangerous situations, such as wild animal attacks where they had to fight or flight (run away). Our bodies made chemicals such as adrenalin to give us strength during a short-time emergency. However, when people respond to long-time, modern day problems (traffic, unhappy job, bills etc) with this same chemical response as a lion attack, adrenalin builds up in our bodies and isn’t released through physical action (running away or fighting). This can lead to increased stress, high blood pressure, anger, anxiety and panic. Fortunately, we can help you can learn techniques to help you respond to stress in healthy ways and reduce your anxiety to healthy levels.

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