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Chronic Pain Therapy

Chronic pain day after day can drag a person down into feeling depressed and anxious. Depression and anxiety then leads to a lower pain threshold and increased pain. After awhile it becomes a vicious circle of pain leading to depression and depression increasing the pain. Therapy can be extremely helpful and many of our clients are experienced in helping people who experience chronic pain. We use several approaches to help you feel better.

One method that our counselor, Nancy Wolf, has training in is the Eastern therapy, Jin Shin Jyutsu. This is similar to acupuncture, only using light touch instead of needles. Combined with counseling, our clients have experienced remarkable recovery from chronic pain with depression and anxiety. We have seen clients stop medications and remain pain free for 3-4 days after their first treatment with Nancy. Ongoing weekly treatments produce longer, pain-free, medication-free days, weeks, and months. Several of our counselors are also trained in using hypnotism to help resolve chronic pain and other problems.

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