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Relationship Counseling

Most relationship problems come about from failure to communicate. Over time, problems and stress build up. If they are not resolved, the anger partners hold against each other pollutes their relationship. In addition, couples get busy in their lives and forget the fun they used to have together, and what first attracted them to their partner. Therapy gives couples a chance to learn new communication skills in a safe, non-confrontive environment. Counseling helps couples learn to clear the pollution that is poisoning their relationship and regain the lost zeal that they once had in their relationship.

However, not all relationships are repairable. It is never the counselor’s job to tell a couple whether or not they should stay together or come apart, but rather, to help them successfully travel in which ever path they chose to take. Our therapy approach includes both cognitive-behavioral, solution focused and Imago therapy. Imago therapy, which was shown on Oprah, is an effective technique in helping couples learn to listen to and validate each other without judging.

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