We’ve all experienced times when our thoughts begin spinning in our head like a wheel spinning out of control. So imagine that you are in a car and a tire is stuck in the mud. The harder you push on the gas pedal, the deeper the tire digs itself into the ground, and the worse your situation becomes. The easiest, and most obvious thing to do is STOP. Yes, just take your foot off the gas and gently put it on the break. STOP! Stop letting the wheels in your mind spin out of control. Yell at the committee “STOP,STOP, STOP.” Yes, you do have this power within yourself.

You do NOT have to give unwanted thoughts free rent in your head. You have the power and the choice to stop the wheels from turning. The more you think and the more you talk about your unwanted thoughts, the more you feed them. If you are angry, spend time calming down, going for a walk, exercising, praying or meditating. Do not try to relieve your anger by acting out in an angry way such as attacking a pillow or punching bag – this will only feed your aggression and anger. Find a calming activity instead. Check your “shoulds.” What do you think “should” be happening that isn’t? Is this rational for you to demand, or can you be okay with the situation the way it is now?



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