Counseling should be like going to a dentist. It’s healthy for everyone to get occasional help. Movie stars are known for going to counseling, as are many other wealthy people. However, counseling is now affordable for everyone and laws in the past years have required insurance companies to pay for unlimited sessions. Even counselors go to a counselor at times. When you are feeling down for several days and can’t shake your depressed feelings, or when you feel that anxiety is limiting your ability to function, then counseling will help.

Marriage or relationship problems are another reason to get counseling. I always tell people not to wait too long. If you bring a sick dog to the vet, he can probably heal it, but if you wait until the dog is dead, then it’s too late. I see a lot of sick marriages get better, but I also see dead relationships which are over. Those are too late for anyone to help. People who have concerns with children and teenagers often come for counseling.

Children who have behavioral problems at home or in school, or who have failing grades may be helped with counseling. If you find that your teenage is cutting herself or himself, then counseling is urgent. Some of our counselors specialize in substance abuse, including legal and illegal drugs and alcohol. If you feel that things in your life just aren’t what you want, and you’re feeling unhappy about events that are happening to you. If you are frustrated, angry, anxious or unhappy, counseling will help.

We also see people who are suffering from a loss, whether it’s a lost pregnancy, or a relationship, or the death of a loved one (including a pet) then therapy can help. Counseling is a safe place where you can talk to someone without any fear of being judged. Going for therapy or counseling doesn’t mean you are sick, it’s just a way for you to keep yourself healthy.



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