Welcome to another year! You have opened this blog for various reasons, possibly out of curiosity, or maybe as part of a class. Hopefully, you are reading this because you are interested in what I have to say, and you are trying to make changes in your life. You may be reading this blog because you realize that you have a problem in your life and want help to recover.

I want to assure you that you are NOT powerless over your thoughts, moods or addictions. You make a choice to eat too much, drink too much, use illegal drugs, take too many prescription pills, have irresponsible sex, gamble more than you can afford, wash your hands too much, obsessively pray, excessively shop, or exercise to an extreme.

Even feelings such as depression and anxiety are within your control, although you may not yet be aware of how you choose your problems. Many things that are normal and healthy become a problem if done to excess, but you are powerful, and you have the ability within yourself to make changes. For the most part, your life is manageable. You have family, friendships and possibly a relationship. You function in work or school, have hobbies, and pay your bills. Having a problem doesn’t mean that your life is unmanageable. If the truth be known, there is not a person alive who doesn’t have some kind of problem. The fact that you are reading this shows the power and control that you have in your life. You have decided that certain parts of your life need changes and you are managing the changes that you need to make.



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